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Imagine this, you reach for your key fob and it's nowhere to be found. You don't have a spare so you're locked out of your own vehicle. Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar scenario. Plus, this could happen in the middle of the night or in some remote location. Luckily, we've been helping people who find themselves in this situation, for many years and we're proud to be able to be of assistance.

Pro Unlock Center runs a professional automotive locksmith service designed to cater to vehicle lockouts. We’ve been serving the Philadelphia, PA area for over ten years now and have helped more than a few car owners regain access after a lockout. We've also fixed ignition problems, replaced lost transponder keys, and more.

After many years of great service. Our company has earned the respect and trust of the community and hopes to continue this tradition for many years to come.

Trained auto locksmiths

It's no secret that car locks differ from keys you find in your home or office. As a result, they require the services of an experienced locksmith company. Our team of professional technicians specializes in automotive locksmithing. They have studied various vehicle locks and become familiar with how they work as well as what problems can occur. Our team of technicians also knows how to perform extensive key cutting, programming, and continues to receive on-the-job exposure to a variety of different situations.

Quick response to requests

We take pride in providing some of the quickest response times in the area. Once a client places a call, one of our professional technicians is dispatched to the client's location in a mobile van. This process often takes little more than 15-20 minutes.

Mobile locksmith solutions

Your ignition can fail anywhere and at anytime. This includes the middle of the night or in some inconvenient location. This inconvenient lock & key situation is one of the reasons why we are happy to provide mobile services to our clients. There is a need for locksmith services on-the-spot. Our mobile techs have access to the latest equipment, advanced machinery, and tools. Plus our team is ready and able to go anywhere in the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. Give us a call.
24/7 lockout service
We provide round the clock lockout services because we know an inconvenient lockout can take place at any time or place, day or night. Lockouts are not only frustrating but can seriously threaten your safety depending on when and where they occur. We know this from experience because we’ve dealt with many lockouts. We take pride in being able to unlock any make or model, without damaging to the exterior body or the lock.

Our service offerings:

  • Copy car keys
  • Transponder key programming
  • GM Vat keys
  • Remote key fob replacementPro Unlock Center  866-700-8664
  • Trunk unlocking
  • Lock repairs
  • New lock installation
  • Trunk keys
  • Car lockout assistance
  • Car door repairs
  • Damage-free, quick car door unlocking
  • Broken key extraction from lock/ignition
  • Recovery of keys locked in a car
  • Ignition repairs/switch replacement
  • New key making
  • And more

We take pride in providing the best automotive locksmith services in the area. Hire us today, and you’ll see the difference we can make.

Auto Locksmith 24 Hr

Car lockouts are one of the main reasons why people find themselves stranded at odd hours. These circumstances require the help of a locksmith that provides 24-hour service. Pro Unlock Center is a 24-hour locksmith. Plus, we provide vehicle locksmith services and emergency services in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.

Automobile Keys Programming

Keyless entry and remote unlocking systems have added a lot of convenient benefits for car owners. Automobile manufacturers have revolutionized security with the introduction of electronic car keys for remote access. These keys help reduce the frequency of automobile theft. However, remote keys can fail, leaving you locked out of your vehicle. If this happens, you need the services of an experienced locksmith who knows how to deal with these types of locking systems. Call Pro Unlock Center, our team of skilled technicians can help.

Automotive Locksmiths

It's a familiar scenario: You have some place to be in 15 minutes but can't find your car keys. You anxiously search your house but come up with nothing. Luckily, regardless of the time or day, you can call a locksmith and have another key cut in mere minutes. Give us a call. We can help.

Car Key Replacement

Modern car keys are a true convenience but can be inconvenient to replace if you lose them. More often than not, your only option is the car dealership. However, a skilled and professional locksmith company likePro Unlock Centerhave the skills to help you regain access. These keys are more complex and are very hard to duplicate, although they provide greater security.

Car Locksmith

Trust all your locksmith needs to a company that has a long history of providing excellent service. Lockouts are a common occurrence. When it happens, most of us just want to regain access as quickly as possible. You may lock your keys in the car or the trunk, just when its time to take the kids to school. You might even be ready to go to work or a doctors appointment. Fortunately, we provide 24/7 lockout service and are capable of serving you where ever your lockout may occur. Give us a call when you need us